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Our Mission:

  1. To defend the original contract which states the landfill will close if maximum capacity of 23 million tons is reached or on November 2019, whichever occurs first.
  2. To challenge the proposed CUP based on past and current relations with the landfill, as well as issues with the expansion’s effects on the population and environment.
  3. To defend the rights of our neighbors, the right for their concerns to be heard and validated by landfill management, governmental agencies, and officials with the means to make changes.
  4. To protect investments in our land and homes.
  5. To organize experts and expert opinions during the process of the DEIR and in the future.

We are a group of individuals dedicated to accomplishing and withholding these actions.  If you are interested in joining our cause, please send an email to c4cclc@gmail.com.

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  1. Very nice website. Look like this will be a great place to get information about the landfill activities, expansion and violations. Great job and thank you from all of us here in Val Verde!

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