Here are 15 easy ways you can help get the word out and make a difference.

flyer_3_thumb1.  Printout flyers and post where you work or in any businesses, schools, churches, etc. you frequent where folks would want to know about it.

You can find a flyer here:  http://www.c4cclc.com/flyer-1-heard/

WP_20141108_0032.  Printout and hang in your side car windows any of these signs to get the info out in a portable fashion:  http://www.c4cclc.com/help-get-word-car-signs/


3.  If you want to hand out our info cards we have a half sheet printout for the taking: info_flyer_04_thumbhttp://www.c4cclc.com/info-cards/


4.  Sign our petition and ask others to as well:  http://www.c4cclc.com/petition/Detail view of the signature box of a contract with a pen.


5.  In social media, share directly from our Facebook or website instead of the original source to send traffic through the group:  https://www.facebook.com/C4CCLC 


6.  Tweet at us @C4CCLC and feel free to use any of these hashtags to further build interest:  #iamvalverde, #valleyofthedumps, #trashingsocal, #zerowastefail, #healthb4wealth, #leftoutlatinos, #40yrsisenough, #badneighbor, #disposableppl,


7.  Invite friends to like our Facebook page


8.  Send others to this page to take their own action http://www.c4cclc.com/help/

9.  Attend your local City/Town Council Meetings and voice your concern and input on this expansion

*** Check for upcoming meeting dates on our calendar in the right column***

Castaic Area Town Council – http://castaicareatowncouncil.org

Santa Clarita City Council – http://www.santa-clarita.com/index.aspx?page=71

Val Verde Civic Association – https://www.facebook.com/valverdecalifornia

Val Verde Community Advisory Committee – http://www.valverdecac.com

Los Angeles County Solid Waste Management Committee/Integrated Waste Management Task Force  http://dpw.lacounty.gov/epd/tf/

10.  Write letters of concern to those in your local government and these county officials:

Public speakers

Department of Regional Planning

320 West Temple Street, 13th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone: (213) 974-6411
Fax: (213) 626-0434
TDD: (213) 617-2292
Email: zoningldcc@planning.lacounty.gov 

Iris Chi
Zoning Permits Section Rm 1345
Los Angeles County Dept. of Regional Planning
320 W. Temple St

Board of Supervisors
213 974-1411

Michael D. Antonovich Supervisor, Fifth District- fifthdistrict@lacbos.org– 213-974-5555  – Fax #: 213-974-1010
Sheila Kuehl Supervisor, Third District Population – 213-974-3333  – Fax #: 213-625-7360 – Sheila@bos.lacounty.gov
Mark Ridley-Thomas Supervisor, Second District – 213-974-2222  – Fax #: 213-680-3283 – markridley-thomas@ bos.lacounty.gov
Hilda L. Solis Supervisor, First District Population – Fax #: 213-613-1739 hildalsolis.org – E-mail: FirstDistrict@ bos.lacounty.gov
Don Knabe Supervisor, Fourth District – 213-974-4444  – Fax #: 213-626-6941 knabe.com – E-mail: don@bos.lacounty.gov

11.  Consider joining or creating a Next door site for your area to better communicate with your nextdoorneighbors www.nextdoor.com

12.  Tour the landfill.  Please contact Steve Cassulo at Chiquita Canyon at (661) 257-3655 to schedule aIMG_1603_edit tour.


13.  Email us often with any questions or any ideas you may have for actions we can take at c4cclc@gmail.com


14.  Visit our site often or subscribe to our feed to know the latest information we are putting out.

15.  Last but not least…Re-use, Recycle, and Compost whenever you can.photo 1(1)